Benefits of our Grouping System

Our grouping system offers practical benefits. These will include improved class behavior which leads to improved attendance and better academic focus which in turn will lead to higher academic achievement, higher graduation rates and a lower rate of teacher burnout. Our grouping system will help to reduce bullying and other conflicts and also reduce the rebellious disrespect that is endemic in today's schools which repels, disheartens and burns out many good teachers. Beyond these specific benefits, we can help your school generally become a more wholesome, healthier community and a happier environment for the development of your students.

Altissima Groupings helps students discover their own characters with greater clarity and definition. They will also gain a greater understanding of social interaction and will become more interested and involved in the benefits and responsibilities of society.

Our system will give your students a range of meaningful structured social experiences. These social experiences are created by simply interacting and participating in groups that share important characteristics. We group and regroup the students for various similarities in their fundamental characters. In association with other students they learn to recognize their common traits and to manage them through the shared experience. In these groupings your high achieving students will be better positioned to serve as role models for their classmates. Each student will belong to several groups and participate in each of them in time. These groups will enable each student to experience their own character together with and in contrast to those of other students in meaningful ways.

This technique will help a large school feel like a much smaller community. Large school populations will actually yield better results in a shorter time than small ones. The student experience will be more clearly defined in groups that are derived from large populations.

It will encourage the spirit of tolerance, cooperation & harmony in your school. This grouping technique can be used as a mainstream grouping system or as groupings in specialized classes geared toward understanding character and society. It will help you to achieve a higher level of success in dealing with your students collectively. It will also help you to better meet each individual student's needs.