A Free Demonstration is required for every school interested in using the Altissima Groupings.
Since the fees are not refundable, we must first provide the free demonstration so you know what to expect. As noted, there is no charge for the demonstration and there is no obligation to subscribe to the service after evaluating the demonstration, although we will appreciate hearing your results and observations whether you subscribe or not.

You can review three free demonstration classes with your actual students.
We will send three reports that will list three sample groups to assemble and review. The demonstration groups are not a complete system, and are only selected to show that our grouping technique can produce meaningful structured social experiences for your students. The groups we select for the demonstration will be easy to manage. The teachers need not make any changes at all.

A simpler sample for classroom teachers
If you are a teacher and would like to see what we are doing, we have a simple demonstration that teachers can request for their classes. Send us all the data for all the students in any one or two of your classes. This demonstration will be much fuzzier, like a photo with low resolution, but your students will still experience a certain range of beneficial changes in the classroom dynamics. You can then show your school's administration some of the benefits that our system can provide.

Our Grouping Report Service is offered on an annual basis.
We will provide a number of groupings to be used over the course of the year. Our Pedagogical Consultants can advise you on implementing the groupings. They are best used in socially interactive classes. We will be available for consultations throughout the year to answer any queries you may have. We can help improve your school's social environment, but you will determine the level of our involvement.