Teaching ought to be a fulfilling profession! If you feel that your students could be more focused, productive and well-behaved, read on... Do you spend more time managing your students' behaviour than imparting the academic lessons? Are you tired and feeling burned out? Are you looking for alternative approaches? Could you use help in your classroom for group activities or assignments? Would it help if your students were to become more aware of their own characters and more socially aware and considerate of others?

We have a grouping technique that can help you. Our demonstration technique groups students together with others of similar character to give them structured social experiences. By going through your regular daily activities in these groups, the students will notice similarities. These background experiences will help them learn more about themselves. From these social experiences, your students will gain greater knowledge of themselves and their consideration for others will improve.

You can receive a report that will group each class that you send us. The grouping report that you receive will be a much simplified version of our service which is designed for entire school populations. It will be as it were, "a fuzzy photo". The more students we can work with, the sharper the effects will be, like a photo made of many pixels or dots compared to one made of only a few. However, even though your classes may only have twenty students, the groupings will still have certain beneficial effects.

Make a list of your students in each class and their birthdates, then click here to send it to us either copied & pasted into the message or as an attached text (ASCII) file. Since it is only a rough approximation of our system, there is no charge for teachers. It's free. You don't need to send us full names - appellations such as TRJ and MGW will do fine as long as you know who they are. It's only important that the dates are accurate, that the names match the dates and that you will recognize the names in the report you will receive from us.

You will receive several groupings. Try your new groupings for several weeks. When you see that something is happening, tell your school administration about us. We offer a free detailed demonstration of our school grouping service. We can confidently say that you will be amazed at the full scale school demonstration that will show the benefits that our grouping technique can yield.