Service & Fees

Money need not be an obstacle ~ There are charitable foundations who can subsidize your school.
This is also a good way to get the attention of helpful donors to fund other projects in your school. The fee for one year of reports in the US and Canada is US $60,000. This fee is roughly the average salary of a teacher. We have an equivalency table for schools in other countries. Our service is meant to be affordable, beneficial and accessible to everyone, therefore the fee for our basic report service can be negotiated with your Liaison.
If you are interested in our system, contact us. A Liaison is required for your school. Your Liaison will help you to gather data and assemble the classes correctly and gather your evaluations and impressions of our service.

Your Liaison will gather your data
Your Liaison will gather and anonymize your data. Prepare a list of all your students' id numbers and data. We work with student numbers only. No names are needed. The list will be completely confidential. From your school population, we will draw out three classes and prepare your demonstrations. Our Liaison will help you group the students as specified in the reports. Within a few sessions you will begin to clearly see some of the benefits that our system can provide for your school.

These groups can be implemented in a number of ways.
They may be used in regular Homerooms, as Advisory Groups or as specially designed Character Classes. You might wish to use them another way. They will be most effective in classes which include a lot of discussion and student participation and interaction. A little regularly experience with these groupings will go a long way to help the development of your students. The use of these class groupings two or three times a week will have a strong effect on your students. The relationships they find in these classes will improve their understanding and attitudes in many ways. These groupings will also help to clarify in great detail which students need extra help.

The teachers need not make any changes at all.
These groupings will not intrude upon your normal academic curriculum and may even give you opportunities to expand it as you see that your students become more successful and involved in learning faster than usual! You will find that the children, as focused groups, will be more interested in their regular studies and in their academic setting.

Measurements of Progress.
Your normal school measurements such as attendance and classroom behaviors will improve. Our Liaison will ask if you can share these measures with us so we can incorporate them into our statistics and present them to new schools. These would be expected to eventually improve achievement scores and graduation rates.

You will determine the level of our involvement.
Over the year, the reports can be prepared for as few as 2 series of groups or as many as 14. The level of sophistication is up to you. We will be available for consultations to answer any queries you may have.